Piles of bylines

Links to Greg’s Huffington Post columns and a sampling of clips from twenty years of his reports in the United States and abroad, e.g., features, news and investigative reports published by Gannett News Service, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, Detroit Free-Press, Salon.com, Christian Science-Monitor, The Charlotte Observer, Honolulu Advertiser, The Investigative Reporters & Editors Journal, Sacramento magazine and more.

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Bishop Estate
Greg’s coverage was nominated for a pulitzer prize
A Fighter’s Pulse
Award-winning feature in the Sacramento Magazine
Pre-war Iraq
Clips from the run-up to the invasion of Iraq
On assignment for Gannet in Iraq
Chronicles of a two-year-old Leukemia patient
Baltimore Sun
Clips from the Baltimore Sun
Investigative Reporting
Cover story for Investigative Reporters & Editors magazine
Gannett News Service
Reporting for Gannett News Service
USA Today Various Clips 1 Various Clips 2