“… the book is really about salvation, about hope amidst the hopeless, about compassion — not as some kind of religious imperative but as lived experience.”
– The Huffington

The Seattle Times
“The next time you’re feeling down on the world, pick up a copy of Greg Barrett’s new nonfiction book, ‘The Gospel of Father Joe: Revolutions and Revelations in the Slums of Bangkok.'”

The Huffington
“One of the key questions facing the religious mind today, I think, is how to justify the belief in a benevolent, all-powerful God who permits the existence of so much evil and cruelty in the world. Barrett finds his own answer in the slums of Bangkok and the heart of Father Joe: it’s in the persistence of hope, the boundlessness of compassion, the practice of human mercy.”

Publishers Weekly

Catholic Review

The Christian Century

Bristol Herald-Courier

The Daily News Online